Ahhhh!!!! I am not sure I have done a personal post since I started my website, but this birthday party was totally blog worthy…I wish I had got my camera out sooner at the party, but I was having to much fun having some wine with my girl! HAPPY 30TH BIRTHDAY JAMIE!! <3<3<3

Jamie + I really became close last year, you know more than just our husbands wives…let me describe her for you: loving, sensitive, caring, strong (more than she knows), honest, responsible, kind, elegant, happy, fabulous, sweet…I could seriously go on all day! She is one of the most thoughtful people I have ever met and she amazes me with her strength everyday. We have many things in common and some of those things have just bonded us together, more so than I think we ever thought possible. I know this is going to be an amazing year for Jamie + Paul…may your birthday wish come true lady!! I have my fingers crossed and have no doubt in my mind that 30 is going to be your best year yet! <3