Curtin Family | Reunion

Curtin Family | Reunion


…love, love, love!!! The Curtin Family was amazing. They hadn’t seen each other or all been together in a VERY long time. Meghan got a hold of me to photograph this little family reunion on a Sunday and we had an amazing day for it; however, we could have done without the humidity!!! It was HOT!! Humidity or not, we had a blast and I know that when I leave a shoot sweating like crazy – it was a good, fun shoot!!! <3 Anywhoooo, enough about the weather, Amy + Joe (the amazing grandmother + grandfather) where the main reason for this shoot and you can immediately tell where all the love in this family started! I just could not stop smiling the entire time I was with them!

Also, I just have to say that I have never seen so much love between an extended family! They ALL were so excited to see one another, it was amazing to watch and capture! I hope that they had a fabulous week together and enjoyed each other’s company to the fullest! I hope to see you all again very soon!

…enjoy this amazing family!! <3

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  1. Kelley Curtin Davis
    August 7, 2013

    These pictures are beyond gorgeous. Thank you for sharing.

    My Uncle Joe and Aunt Amy have an amazing family and my cousins, their spouses and their children are all incredible. xo


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