They say that God doesn’t give you more than you can handle and while I am not very religious I do believe there is some kind of higher power. Yesterday – Tuesday, April 26, 2016 – was a day that he would never have throw at me if he didn’t think I could handle it. The kids and are were driving home from visiting the Evans’ family in New Hampshire on I-90. We were in the left lane going about 70 miles an hour and a black SUV swerved hard into my left lane. I had no other choice but to go into the median, but just my luck there was a u-turn about 100 feet in front of us with a huge construction sign in the middle of it. I don’t know why, but I veered left a little to miss the sign and literally flew into the median after the u-turn. When we landed the air bags deployed and thankfully the mud from all the storms stopped us from going anywhere else. My life literally flashed in front of me at an earth-shattering speed. Everyone was physically fine, the kids are totally ok, but I am having trouble not thinking about it every second. My nerves are completely fried and my body hurts some, but probably just from being so dang tense all day/night. We ended up getting towed to a local Springfield, MA towing company. We waited there until Lucas could get to us. We finally got home about 8:15pm. We left New Hampshire at about 12:00pm. It was a long, scary, terrifying, and just overall tense day. I did a lot of calling this morning to our insurance company, Mangino Buick/GMC, and the tow company that still had the car this morning.

I was just trying to keep myself busy today. Thankfully, Gracie has her 1st communion on Saturday and we need to plan/get ready for that. It gives me something to focus on and helps me to not second guess every decision I made yesterday. While I know that we were so very lucky and I am just so blessed that we are all ok with no injuries at all. I can’t help but think of the many different scenarios that did not play out last night. It was scary and made me not want to even get in a car today, but today is a new day and life goes on no matter what happens in your life. God doesn’t give you more than you can handle. He must have a lot of confidence in me! This whole situation has put my life, my little loves, my husband, my family, my besties in perspective for me. Focus on your family, your people, your tribe – not your material items, your stuff. It is just stuff. A dear friend told me today, “The rest is just stuff. In 10 years that car will be gone and the kids will be walking across the stage at graduation. Give them a big hug and kiss and pull up your big girl panties and enjoy the rest of your vacation week!” She is totally right. I am keeping my eyes and heart open and taking care of my family and myself the rest of this week. <3