LIFE-CHANGINGGGGGGGGGG. When I saw that Bobbi had posted the announcement about the alumni workshops and said that this might be the last year she offers them – it was a no brainer. I clicked purchase. The rest is history.

I left Monday morning, May 8. I never travel alone so it was a little weird/amazing to not have to keep my little humans occupied. I took a nap on the plane – it was craziness. I get to Indianapolis and got my bearings, I went right over to Bakersfield on Mass Ave. Theeeeeee best margaritas and tacos. I definitely went a couple times when I was there. I just couldn’t help myself. When in Indy…eat at Bakersfield!! 🙂

The next three days were transformative. I went to this workshop with an open-mind to learn all the things. I had been to the first workshop and my mind was blown. It was amazing, but I was newer to photography and it was overwhelming.  I mean…Bobbi Sheridan…I was awestruck and just couldn’t even believe I was in the same room with her, so this time was a bit different. Do not get me wrong, I was still like – “holy sh*t it’s Bobbi” – but I got to give her and Meg Sullivan (Meg $$$ – her second shooter and assistant) some love and huge hugs. Day 1 was a family session, day 2 was an engagement session, and day 3 was a wrap-up day. This time around I took notes, but not as crazily as I did the first time around. I listened a lot more and just took it all in. We all asked questions and got some eye-opening answers from Bobbi and Meg. I learned more just listening and watching than I ever have at a workshop. I am always so worried about writing it all down or documenting it all on my phone/camera. I was just present in the moment and it was eye-opening – why I love this profession, what keeps me going, and how I can make things easier on myself and to keep that fire burning. I took two huge take-aways from this workshop 1) BLOG, BLOG, BLOG all the live long day – about my session, my life, and everything in between 2) Do me and don’t be concerned with what “everyone else is doing” – just do me – these are things that I haven’t been focusing on this past year.

That is allllllll going to change!! I love to blog and just got in a routine of not doing, but I am back and will blogging much, much more. I am going to focus on me, my work, my loved clients, and my friends and family. I am currently working on a re-brand and am already in love with the start of it. This workshop just pushed me in the right direction. I needed it and I would love to think that it needed me! 🙂 I am moving forward this summer with my head held high and focusing on me and my growing business. Thank you Bobbi + Meg. I will be forever grateful.

Below are some iPhone 7 Plus photos from my trip…enjoy! <3